Privacy Policy

Elms Care Center gives exceeding importance to privacy of all those get in touch with us through our website or through references by our esteemed clients. Please, read our privacy polity to know more about "how," "why," "when" and "what" related to information we take from our customers. Here, we have stated almost all about how we capture or deal with the information we receive, why we ask for the information or what we do with the information that we store etc.

Elms Care Center doesn't attempt in any way to capture or extract information from the web visitors. We do not ask our web visitors to get registered to make use of our website. There is really no need of registering to access any part of our website from anywhere. Visitors who wish to contact us voluntarily give us information. The personal details that which we receive from our web users through our "contact us" form present on our website or through an "email" sent by them or a through "phone call we receive from them" are never shared with any third-party. Web visitors who send their information in order to enquire more of our services or request us to send them more info about us or on our services need not be worried over anything as we keep information safer.

How do we use your information?

Information that we receive from you in any form is used solely for the purpose of your benefit. We take the information in order to provide to you the kind of services that you expect from us.

Information is never shared

We keep your information only with us and do not share that with any third-party or anyone. (Even if we have to share information with others then prior to it we will contact you and take your permission in relation to the same).

Do we share your information in legal matters?

Well, we really do as we respect UK law. We share your information only when it is demanded by the UK law. We do this in order to protect ourselves and to comply with all legalities here in the UK.

Marketing Purpose:

Information we sometimes get from you can also be used for the purpose of sending you updates about Elms Care Center. However, you may receive an unsubscribe link as well which you can use in order not to receive any emails from us in future. Users even have the option to send us an email to to remove their email id from our data.


Elms Care Center only monitors web visitors' IP addresses and that too for the purpose of assessing the amount of traffic reaching our website (for web traffic analysis or for web stats). No personal information is stored or used except what is provided by you personally or voluntarily

What rights our web users have?

Our web users have the right to ask us to make changes in the information they have submitted to us anytime or can even ask us to remove their data any time they would like us to.

Please, do let us know if you have any other queries related to our privacy policy.