ELMS Care Centre Facilities


This will be decided by the local authority following a financial assessment to determine whether you are eligible for help with funding.

All of your accommodation costs are included in the weekly fee. Any extras including hairdresser, chiropodist, personal newspapers, toiletries, staff escorts, transport to hospital by taxi will be invoiced on a monthly basis (a full list is available on request).

At this time we do not allow pets at The Elms.

This should be organised with a local phone provider by yourself or your relative and the contract would be in your name. We have a dedicated residents phone line for incoming calls with a cordless phone which is taken to rooms to ensure you can enjoy conversations with your friends and relative in privacy.

No all of our rooms are single occupancy rooms.

We understand that care needs can change over time and we can offer residential and nursing care at the The Elms. All assessments are regularly reviewed and if there is evidence to support a change in clinical needs any additional cost will be discussed and agreed with the relevant parties.