Visiting Policy

Visiting is an integral part of care home life. It is vitally important for maintaining the health, wellbeing and quality of life of residents. Visiting is also crucial for family and friends to maintain contact and life-long relationships with their loved ones, and to contribute to their support and care.

People living in care homes are typically more vulnerable to severe illness as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). While vaccination is proving very effective, we are still seeing some cases of severe illness, hospitalization and death of care home residents who have been vaccinated.

Additional measures are therefore in place to facilitate visiting while keeping care home staff and residents safe. These include:

  • Visitors are requested not to attend the home if displaying any symptoms of COVID 19
  • No visiting in communal areas. We ask that visits are pre-arranged were possible so residents may be in their bedrooms to receive visitors
  • Suspension of all visits with the exception of end of life visits in the event of an outbreak